About Babyprints

How did it start

Back in 2000, Lynsey Hart gave birth to her son Jack in  the UK. She wanted to treasure and record every moment of his progress. She made impressions of his hands and feet and created a special box frame for them. They were quite a talking point amongst family and friends and before long Lynsey was making keepsakes for them too!

Rather than return to her job in the City, Lynsey decided that Babyprints would be an easier way to earn money and balance a lifestyle where she could spend extra time with the family. After starting out with 2 dimensional hand and foot prints – the trademark 3 dimensional Babyprints were launched in 2002.

About Us

Our Customers

Babyprints has grow into a recognizable brand, across the UK, Europe and in Kenya. In the UK Customers have travelled to The original Hertfordshire Babyprints from as far as Birmingham and Lincolnshire whilst others have sent their keepsakes to distant relatives in places such as Hong Kong, USA and New Zealand.

” Thank you so much for my Babyprint Impressions. They really are something I will cherish forever, and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate them.”

“Ellie’s grandparents were amazed at the fine detail captured on the solid casts. We gave it to them for their anniversary.”
As well as being a unique newborn baby gift, people have bought Babyprints for:

  • Christening & Communion gifts
  • Birthday presents
  • Mothers Day gifts
  • Fathers Day gifts
  • Gifts for grandparents
  • Anniversary gifts
  • Gifts for Godparents
  • Presents for Aunties and Uncles

Our Plans
Babyprints is growing into the leading world brand for impressions and casts, we pride ourselves on quality and service and aim to expand brand Babyprints for all our customers everywhere.

Any Questions? Talk to us.

If you would like more information regarding our services please either contact Head Office on +254 737 715 686 or find your nearest Babyprints contact information by visiting the Map page and selecting the nearest Babyprints from your location.

+254 737 715 686