Prices and guide

Babyprints prices are based on a few factors, the type of presentation you want, product size and age of child are a few of them.

For a price guide, information on services and appointments you will need to contact us on +254 737 715 686 or by email

Below is an approximate ‘prices starting from’ guide.

  •   Solid Hard Wood Framed Casts start from KES 10,000
  •   Solid Hard Wood Framed Impressions start from KES 10,000
  •   Solid Hard Wood Framed Casts with photo start from KES 15,000
  •   Individual Statues start from KES 4,900
  •   Clasping Hands start from KES 8,000

Any Questions? Talk to us.

If you would like more information regarding our services please either contact Head Office on +254 737 715 686 or find your nearest Babyprints contact information by visiting the Map page and selecting the nearest Babyprints from your location.

+254 737 715 686