Babyprints FAQs – Frequently asked questions

How old does my child/baby have to be to have a Babyprint taken?

We have taken solid casts of babies from just days old. For impressions, we use a very soft terracotta clay, and for these we recommend from 3-4 weeks old onwards.  There is no age limit either, grandparents are very keen to have their hands casts with their precious grandchild.

Where do we go to have a Babyprint done?

To find out more about this Babyprints appointments please contact:

+254 737 715 686

Do you sell casting kits?

No, we do not sell casting kits. Babyprints branch staff have undergone specialist training using high quality casting products. You can either attend an appointment at your nearest branch or, subject to availability, you can arrange a ‘Babyprints casting’ party so that you and your friends/family can have castings done in the comfort of your own home.

Is it safe to have a 3D cast made?

It certainly is. Your baby/child will have their hands or feet dipped into a warm mixture which then becomes firm (but flexible) after a minute or two to allow us to slide out the hand/foot – which incidentally comes out clean.  The mixture is a natural product, made from seaweed, and is non-toxic and biodegradable.

.. and an impression – is that safe?

Yes, the baby/child’s hand or foot is pressed into a soft terracotta clay.  It is pain free and takes literally seconds to do.

How long does the appointment take?

The 3D casts take approximately 2 minutes for each hand/foot. For impressions it literally takes seconds for each one.  We usually allocate half an hour for appointments, but sometimes for multiple orders we need a longer appointment.

When will my babyprints order be ready?

Once we’ve taken the cast or impression the completed order is ready in approximately 3-5 weeks. If casts are required urgently, it may be possible to arrange for them to ‘fast tracked’ but additional charges may apply. Cold metal casts may take 6-7 weeks to be processed.

Does my baby have to be asleep? Can I feed while the cast is being taken?

Your baby doesn’t have to stay asleep, the mixture and technique we use allows them to be able to wriggle a little during the process.  We have a box of distraction toys at hand should it be necessary! Some parents feed their baby’s while it’s being done which sometimes helps.

What frame choices do you have, and do you have different mount colours?

There is a choice of a dark, natural or limed finish box frames.  We do have a large selection of mount colours to chose from.

Do I have to have my casts framed?

No, we can provide you with individual freestanding stone cast statues or a cold metal statues, choosing from either a bronze, aluminium or copper finish.

Do you keep the casts / can I have extra ones done at a later date using the same mould?

For framed Impressions and stone casts we do not keep the moulds therefore if extra casts are required at a later date you will need to make another appointment.

Any Questions? Talk to us.

If you would like more information regarding our services please either contact Head Office on +254 737 715 686 or find your nearest Babyprints contact information by visiting the Map page and selecting the nearest Babyprints from your location.

+254 737 715 686